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  1. Photo of Edward Zwick

    Edward Zwick Director

  2. Photo of Lindsay Doran

    Lindsay Doran Producer

  3. Photo of Sarah Caplan

    Sarah Caplan Producer

  4. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Executive Producer

  5. Photo of W.G. Snuffy Walden

    W.G. Snuffy Walden Music

  6. Photo of Ralf D. Bode

    Ralf D. Bode Cinematography

  7. Photo of Victor Du Bois

    Victor Du Bois Editing

  8. Photo of Patricia Norris

    Patricia Norris Production Design

  9. Photo of Steve Maslow

    Steve Maslow Sound

  10. Photo of Meg Tilly

    Meg Tilly Cast

  11. Photo of Christine Lahti

    Christine Lahti Cast

  12. Photo of Patrika Darbo

    Patrika Darbo Cast

  13. Photo of Lenny Von Dohlen

    Lenny Von Dohlen Cast

  14. Photo of Maury Chaykin

    Maury Chaykin Cast

  15. Photo of Brett Cullen

    Brett Cullen Cast

  16. Photo of James Gammon

    James Gammon Cast

  17. Photo of Eve Gordon

    Eve Gordon Cast

  18. Photo of James Eckhouse

    James Eckhouse Cast

  19. Photo of Lachlan Murdoch

    Lachlan Murdoch Cast

  20. Photo of Robyn Simons

    Robyn Simons Cast

  21. Photo of Ken Angel

    Ken Angel Cast

  22. Photo of Darrell Dennis

    Darrell Dennis Cast

  23. Photo of Barbara Russell

    Barbara Russell Cast

  24. Photo of Ahnee Boyce

    Ahnee Boyce Cast

  25. Photo of Marc Levy

    Marc Levy Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Anderson

    Peter Anderson Cast

  27. Photo of Gordon Tootoosis

    Gordon Tootoosis Cast

  28. Photo of Rutanya Alda

    Rutanya Alda Cast

  29. Photo of Ray Godshall

    Ray Godshall Cast

  30. Photo of Tom Heaton

    Tom Heaton Cast

  31. Photo of Deirdre O'Connell

    Deirdre O'Connell Cast

  32. Photo of Gordon Tipple

    Gordon Tipple Cast

  33. Photo of John 'Bear' Curtis

    John 'Bear' Curtis Cast

  34. Photo of Paul Jarrett

    Paul Jarrett Cast

  35. Photo of Ed Solomon

    Ed Solomon Cast and Screenplay

  36. Photo of Andrew Johnston

    Andrew Johnston Cast

  37. Photo of Benjamin Ratner

    Benjamin Ratner Cast