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  1. Photo of Boaz Davidson

    Boaz Davidson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eli Tavor

    Eli Tavor Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yoram Globus

    Yoram Globus Producer

  4. Photo of Menahem Golan

    Menahem Golan Producer

  5. Photo of Adam Greenberg

    Adam Greenberg Cinematography

  6. Photo of Alain Jakubowicz

    Alain Jakubowicz Editing

  7. Photo of Eli Yarkoni

    Eli Yarkoni Sound

  8. Photo of Yftach Katzur

    Yftach Katzur Cast

  9. Photo of Anat Atzmon

    Anat Atzmon Cast

  10. Photo of Jonathan Sagall

    Jonathan Sagall Cast

  11. Photo of Zachi Noy

    Zachi Noy Cast

  12. Photo of Dvora Kedar

    Dvora Kedar Cast

  13. Photo of Ophelia Shtruhl

    Ophelia Shtruhl Cast

  14. Photo of Menashe Warshavsky

    Menashe Warshavsky Cast

  15. Photo of Rachel Steiner

    Rachel Steiner Cast

  16. Photo of Louis Rosenberg

    Louis Rosenberg Cast