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Les hautes solitudes

Directed by Philippe Garrel
France, 1974
  • Silent
  • No subtitles
Philippe Garrel: Fight for Eternity


Garrel convinced Jean Seberg—in the midst of a long struggle with mental illness, alcohol and drug— to “star” in this silent document of her daily life. Consisting mostly of meditative B&W close-ups of Seberg and her friends, as her torments and inner life flicker across her eerily beautiful face.

Our take

Described by Garrel himself as “a film made out of the outtakes of a film that never existed,” this is a silent, transfixing portrait shot on elegiac black and white recalling Andy Warhol’s famed screen tests. Brace yourself for a prophetic, utterly poignant scene foreshadowing Jean Seberg’s death.

Les hautes solitudes Directed by Philippe Garrel

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