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  1. Photo of André Berthomieu

    André Berthomieu Director

  2. Photo of Robert Cesse

    Robert Cesse Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles d'Abadie

    Charles d'Abadie Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger Ferdinand

    Roger Ferdinand Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles-Félix Tavano

    Charles-Félix Tavano Screenplay

  6. Photo of Raimu

    Raimu Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Simon

    Michel Simon Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Stockfeld

    Betty Stockfeld Cast

  9. Photo of Fernand Fabre

    Fernand Fabre Cast

  10. Photo of Marcel Maupi

    Marcel Maupi Cast

  11. Photo of René Bergeron

    René Bergeron Cast

  12. Photo of Germaine Charley

    Germaine Charley Cast

  13. Photo of Georges Benoît

    Georges Benoît Cinematography

  14. Photo of René Ribault

    René Ribault Cinematography

  15. Photo of Marceau Van Hoorebecke

    Marceau Van Hoorebecke Music

  16. Photo of Jacques Colombier

    Jacques Colombier Production Design

  17. Photo of Fernand Weill

    Fernand Weill Producer

  18. Photo of Henri Taverna

    Henri Taverna Editing