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Letter from Siberia

Lettre de Sibérie

Directed by Chris Marker
France, 1957


A lyricial essay in the form of a correspondence, mixed with diverse stylistic elements, documents Marker’s travel to Siberia and develops for the first time his characteristic style of narration.

Letter from Siberia Directed by Chris Marker

What are people saying?

  • tres-bien's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Certain defining themes in Marker's work emerge here. For example, Marker briefly comments on the non-objectivity of documentary filmmaking, in the context of the post-war Soviet/capitalist ideological divide. Marker has clearly come to the realization that words offer power to images, but he does not follow this line of reasoning to the extent of his later films. His experiments with animation are quite charming.

  • Lefteris Becerra's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    es difícil no coincidir con el deseo de bazin de que esta película se extendiera mucho más, empero, pese a su breve duración, resulta muy efectiva y anuncia al gran creador cinematográfico que veríamos llegar. en el mundo entero una secta ya no tan secreta de seguidores de marker esperamos ediciones que hagan justicia a la calidad con que fueron elaborados por su creador

  • Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Marker is insufferable when he tries to be cute, and that cuteness mars even some of his best films (once or twice in SANS SOLEIL; the goofy punchline of THE LAST BOLSHEVIK). He lays it on thick here. LETTERS FROM SIBERIA is awfully good when it just sticks to those crisp, bright images of Siberia in the mid-50s, but the silly off-topic interludes - animation, advertisement parodies - set my teeth on edge.

  • Jason's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Marker at his best (as he is here) is an artist of such commitment and vision, so utterly possessed of genius, conducting pure magic w/ verve and ease, that I truly feel like warnings should be attached to his films: beware, prospective viewer! having watched this film you will very likely come to realize that no art you are ever able to create will possess a germ of comparable worth. Bow in reverence.

  • Stefan Drees's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    A great example for Marker's typical kind of making a a self-reflexive film/documentary by combining visuals with every possible verbal or musical commentary.

  • tinderness's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Da tauchte es wohl zum ersten Mal auf, daß Marker von einer seiner Reisen einen Brief schrieb und damit einen Videoessay meinte. Auf der Reise Bilder sehen und Eindrücke sammeln, aber gleich darauf Gedanken spinnen entlang von Assoziationen, seien sie rational berechtigt oder nicht. Ein wunderbarer, erster Versuch, mit Stimme und Kamera einen Essay zu malen in einer Art, die Markers Filme so unverwechselbar machen.

  • Quattro's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Quite a peculiar subject, beautifully filmed. I found its tone delightful, as well as the cute animated sections. The only problem for me was Marker himself: his ever-present commentary never leaves the subject enough space to create a connection with the viewer, and his constant irony becomes tiresome after a while. In the end, he overshadows a subject that could have been much more interesting than its narrator.

  • CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Letter from Siberia

    Marker, similar a su viaje por Pekin, realiza lo mismo en Siberia, solo que con un idioma más dialéctico que documentalista. El director repasa la historia y la actualidad de dicha geografía rusa con una finalidad de provocar perspectivas, crear preguntas, responderlas y plantear unas nuevas. Lo documental es más objetivo, Marker es más sugerente. Dispone su postura ideológica. Eterno debate tradición vs civilización

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