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  1. Photo of Lukas Moodysson

    Lukas Moodysson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Oksana Akinshina

    Oksana Akinshina Cast

  3. Photo of Artyom Bogucharsky

    Artyom Bogucharsky Cast

  4. Photo of Pavel Ponomaryov

    Pavel Ponomaryov Cast

  5. Photo of Elina Benenson

    Elina Benenson Cast

  6. Photo of Lyubov Agapova

    Lyubov Agapova Cast

  7. Photo of Liliya Shinkaryova

    Liliya Shinkaryova Cast

  8. Photo of Tõnu Kark

    Tõnu Kark Cast

  9. Photo of Tomasz Neuman

    Tomasz Neuman Cast

  10. Photo of Ulf Brantås

    Ulf Brantås Cinematography

  11. Photo of Nathan Larson

    Nathan Larson Music

  12. Photo of Lars Jönsson

    Lars Jönsson Producer

  13. Photo of Peter Aalbæk Jensen

    Peter Aalbæk Jensen Producer

  14. Photo of Michal Leszczylowski

    Michal Leszczylowski Editing

  15. Photo of Oleg Morginov

    Oleg Morginov Editing

  16. Photo of Bernhard Winkler

    Bernhard Winkler Editing

  17. Photo of Niclas Merits

    Niclas Merits Sound

  18. Photo of Peter Schultz

    Peter Schultz Sound