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  1. Photo of Gianni Amelio

    Gianni Amelio Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gianfranco Barbagallo

    Gianfranco Barbagallo Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Carlo Degli Esposti

    Carlo Degli Esposti Producer

  4. Photo of Simona Paggi

    Simona Paggi Editing

  5. Photo of Antonio Albanese

    Antonio Albanese Cast

  6. Photo of Alessandro Zanon

    Alessandro Zanon Sound

  7. Photo of Davide Lantieri

    Davide Lantieri Screenplay

  8. Photo of Livia Rossi

    Livia Rossi Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriele Rendina

    Gabriele Rendina Cast

  10. Photo of Alfonso Santagata

    Alfonso Santagata Cast

  11. Photo of Sandra Ceccarelli

    Sandra Ceccarelli Cast

  12. Photo of Franco Piersanti

    Franco Piersanti Music

  13. Photo of Giancarlo Basili

    Giancarlo Basili Production Design

  14. Photo of Giuseppe Antignati

    Giuseppe Antignati Cast

  15. Photo of Gianluca Cesale

    Gianluca Cesale Cast

  16. Photo of Fabio Zulli

    Fabio Zulli Cast

  17. Photo of Bedy Moratti

    Bedy Moratti Cast

  18. Photo of Fausto Rossi

    Fausto Rossi Cast

  19. Photo of Matteo Silla

    Matteo Silla Cast