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  1. Humanite's rating of the film Live Cargo

    Great stylish debut film. Very good performances. Live Cargo captures mood almost perfectly. Enjoyed the score a lot, great island music too.

  2. Joyce's rating of the film Live Cargo

    Daniella Nowitz's cinematography is beautiful, it adds depth and emotional context - a paradisal, almost empty landscape where sadness and tragedy lies. However, the narrative is so uneven, we feel the heavy tone but it focuses on the characters swiftly, with nothing explored at all - it is confusing at some point. I liked Stanfield's performance but he is sadly underused here. Last 10 mins. saved by Exuma's "Baäl".

  3. Mirela Dudaş's rating of the film Live Cargo

  4. artfilmfan's rating of the film Live Cargo

    Loved this movie so much. From the stunning cinematography, fitting music to the performances and dreamy/moody vibe of it, perfectly in sync. Ignore the haters, this really is a little gem that will be ignored by the mass media.

  5. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Live Cargo

    La forma ricercata, ma non riuscita, non salva un film con una storia insulsa e senza mordente. La coppia di protagonisti è inserita molto male nella narrazione e sembra solo un mero riempitivo. L'ambientazione invece è interessante, ma mal sviluppata. Bianco e nero mal fatto e senza grande gusto. il regista ci regala delle belle inquadrature, insieme a riprese brutte e confusionarie. Personaggi abbastanza piatti.