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  1. Photo of Werner Herzog

    Werner Herzog Director, Self Producer

  2. Photo of Kevin Mitnick

    Kevin Mitnick Self

  3. Photo of Leonard Kleinrock

    Leonard Kleinrock Self

  4. Photo of Lucianne Walkowicz

    Lucianne Walkowicz Self

  5. Photo of Danny Hillis

    Danny Hillis Self

  6. Photo of Sebastian Thrun

    Sebastian Thrun Self

  7. Photo of Elon Musk

    Elon Musk Self

  8. Photo of Ted Nelson

    Ted Nelson Self

  9. Photo of Hilarie Cash

    Hilarie Cash Self

  10. Photo of Jay Lockman

    Jay Lockman Self

  11. Photo of Jonathan Zittrain

    Jonathan Zittrain Self

  12. Photo of Teo Bellia

    Teo Bellia Voice (Dub)

  13. Photo of Riccardo Rovatti

    Riccardo Rovatti Voice (Dub)

  14. Photo of Gabriele Giaffreda

    Gabriele Giaffreda Voice (Dub)

  15. Photo of Diego Baldoin

    Diego Baldoin Voice (Dub)

  16. Photo of Paolo Sesana

    Paolo Sesana Voice (Dub)

  17. Photo of Teresa Fallai

    Teresa Fallai Voice (Dub)

  18. Photo of Ivano Bini

    Ivano Bini Voice (Dub)

  19. Photo of Alessandro Zurla

    Alessandro Zurla Voice (Dub)

  20. Photo of Marcello Sbigoli

    Marcello Sbigoli Voice (Dub)

  21. Photo of Edoardo Lomazzi

    Edoardo Lomazzi Voice (Dub)

  22. Photo of Massimo Pizzirani

    Massimo Pizzirani Voice (Dub)

  23. Photo of Gabriele Duma

    Gabriele Duma Voice (Dub)

  24. Photo of Giuliana Nanni

    Giuliana Nanni Voice (Dub)

  25. Photo of Federica Tabori

    Federica Tabori Voice (Dub)

  26. Photo of Anna Giulia Belletti

    Anna Giulia Belletti Voice (Dub)

  27. Photo of Peter Zeitlinger

    Peter Zeitlinger Cinematography

  28. Photo of Rupert Maconick

    Rupert Maconick Producer

  29. Photo of Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Jim McNeil

    Jim McNeil Executive Producer

  31. Photo of David D. Moore

    David D. Moore Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Tennille Teague

    Tennille Teague Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Marco Capalbo

    Marco Capalbo Editing