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  1. Photo of Nicolae Margineanu

    Nicolae Margineanu Director

  2. Photo of Petre Salcudeanu

    Petre Salcudeanu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ioan Iuga

    Ioan Iuga Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dinu Tanase

    Dinu Tanase Producer

  5. Photo of Petru Margineanu

    Petru Margineanu Music

  6. Photo of Alexandru Solomon

    Alexandru Solomon Cinematography

  7. Photo of Nita Chivulescu

    Nita Chivulescu Editing

  8. Photo of Dan Toader

    Dan Toader Production Design

  9. Photo of Camil Silviu

    Camil Silviu Sound

  10. Photo of Luminiţa Gheorghiu

    Luminiţa Gheorghiu Cast

  11. Photo of Ion Haiduc

    Ion Haiduc Cast

  12. Photo of Remus Margineanu

    Remus Margineanu Cast

  13. Photo of Gheorghe Dinică

    Gheorghe Dinică Cast

  14. Photo of Cristian Iacob

    Cristian Iacob Cast

  15. Photo of Valentin Teodosiu

    Valentin Teodosiu Cast

  16. Photo of Ştefan Sileanu

    Ştefan Sileanu Cast

  17. Photo of Tudorel Filimon

    Tudorel Filimon Cast

  18. Photo of Alexandru Bindea

    Alexandru Bindea Cast

  19. Photo of Virgil Andriescu

    Virgil Andriescu Cast

  20. Photo of Aristide Teica

    Aristide Teica Cast