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  1. Photo of Sylvio Back

    Sylvio Back Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Alberto Dines

    Alberto Dines Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicholas O'Neill

    Nicholas O'Neill Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rüdiger Vogler

    Rüdiger Vogler Cast

  5. Photo of Ruth Rieser

    Ruth Rieser Cast

  6. Photo of Ney Piacentini

    Ney Piacentini Cast

  7. Photo of Claudia Neto

    Claudia Neto Cast

  8. Photo of Kiko Mascarenhas

    Kiko Mascarenhas Cast

  9. Photo of Katia Bronstein

    Katia Bronstein Cast

  10. Photo of Denise Weinberg

    Denise Weinberg Cast

  11. Photo of Daniele Boaventura

    Daniele Boaventura Cast

  12. Photo of Ana Carbatti

    Ana Carbatti Cast

  13. Photo of Odilon Wagner

    Odilon Wagner Cast

  14. Photo of Bruce Gomlevsky

    Bruce Gomlevsky Cast

  15. Photo of Ary Coslov

    Ary Coslov Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Dantas

    Daniel Dantas Cast

  17. Photo of Renato Borghi

    Renato Borghi Cast

  18. Photo of Soraya Ravenle

    Soraya Ravenle Cast

  19. Photo of Alexandre Ackerman

    Alexandre Ackerman Cast

  20. Photo of Juan Alba

    Juan Alba Cast

  21. Photo of Michel Bercovitch

    Michel Bercovitch Cast

  22. Photo of Isaac Bernat

    Isaac Bernat Cast

  23. Photo of Carina Cooper

    Carina Cooper Cast

  24. Photo of Thelmo Fernandes

    Thelmo Fernandes Cast

  25. Photo of Garcia Júnior

    Garcia Júnior Cast

  26. Photo of Phil Miler

    Phil Miler Cast

  27. Photo of Sílvia Shameki

    Sílvia Shameki Cast

  28. Photo of Felipe Wagner

    Felipe Wagner Cast

  29. Photo of Antônio Luiz Mendes

    Antônio Luiz Mendes Cinematography

  30. Photo of Raul de Souza

    Raul de Souza Music

  31. Photo of Guilherme Vergueiro

    Guilherme Vergueiro Music

  32. Photo of Bárbara Quadros

    Bárbara Quadros Production Design

  33. Photo of Deborah Calla

    Deborah Calla Producer

  34. Photo of Tininho Nogueira Da Fonseca

    Tininho Nogueira Da Fonseca Producer

  35. Photo of Margit Richter

    Margit Richter Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Francisco Sérgio Moreira

    Francisco Sérgio Moreira Editing

  37. Photo of Rodrigo de Noronha

    Rodrigo de Noronha Sound

  38. Photo of José Moreau Louzeiro

    José Moreau Louzeiro Sound

  39. Photo of Maria Muricy

    Maria Muricy Sound

  40. Photo of Ticiana Passos

    Ticiana Passos Costume Design