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911 Ratings


Directed by Maurice Pialat
France, 1980
Romance, Drama


Pialat’s portrait of contemporary France mocks prosperity as a substitute for social and sexual revolution. Isabelle Huppert abandons her bourgeois friends and a steady relationship for the unemployed layabout Depardieu. His charms include focusing his energy into sex.

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Loulou Directed by Maurice Pialat

What are people saying?

  • Jason's rating of the film Loulou

    Because his subject is essentially entropy (the swirling productive / destructive element of individuals and their relations), Pialat is a filmmaker whose form exists despite his vision. And his form is entirely unique (as is his spiritual cousin Cassavetes', w/ whom he shares a set of interests, but not a form). What is so amazing about Pialat is his elegance. This is an elegant film that promises it may explode.

  • T. J. Harman's rating of the film Loulou

    Getting to watch 2 of France's best actors (Depardieu & Huppert) act together can't ever be so bad a film experience. Billed as a sexy movie but ended up being a Cassavettes style piece of social realism about class, sex, family and relationships.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Loulou

    Featuring Huppert & Depardieu at their youthful prime, Loulou is a raw & intimate romantic drama. I liked the way he honestly showed the differences between the characters; in class, profession, desire, behavior, & outlook. I liked the way he told the story. And the ending was oddly touching. Sometimes all you really need in life is someone to walk you back home when you're wasted. A deeply felt piece of cinema.

  • José Neves's rating of the film Loulou

    Pialat films scenes by blocks, in which the camera follows the rant improvisational actors in search of action: cinema of performance, intense, unpredictable, complex. The nuances arise and conflicts are his base. Huppert and Depardieu never again were this good, with Pialat's camera to rape/embrace them in their presentation. Naturalism is made with the most concrete of stagings.

  • samuraiargento's rating of the film Loulou

    Pialat no hace "pequeños films", cuenta pequeñas historias sobre personas comunes y por medio de su relato, nos descubre lo extraordinario que existe en todas las vidas. No se pone -ni nos pone- en el lugar de un científico examinando una muestra en el microscopio o de un dios juzgando su obra, por el contrario, nos aproxima en puntas de pié, sin intervenir en las vidasde Loulou y Nancy y nos invita a sentir

  • Ludovic72's rating of the film Loulou

    Loulou le voyou fait ce qui lui plaît, Nelly s'ennuie avec son mari. Quand ils se croisent, ça fait du jazz... Pialat ne s'est pas trop embarrassé de crédibilité dans les détails, il a surtout montré le choc entre bourgeoisie et pauvreté, entre pseudo-liberté et contrainte assumée. Rien de vraiment neuf, même en 1980 ! L'intérêt réside plutôt dans le beau trio d'acteurs et dans les dialogues fleuris "à la Audiard".

  • Elinor Lewy's rating of the film Loulou

    Huppert and Depardieu don't disappoint, but the film was altogether too scattered. Strange to see that back then an abusive relationship was a complete non-topic.

  • suede's rating of the film Loulou

    3/10 – I'm all for improvised dialogue. Pialat, however, keeps piling it on and on, long after we've got the gist of a scene, without advancing the story a bit. Of various intriguing encounters that truly matter, we see little or nothing. Terrible editing.

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