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  1. Vera Sophia's rating of the film Love

    Interesting premise but the execution is meh

  2. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Love

  3. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Love

  4. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Love

    Has an interesting backdrop and a satisfactory cinematography setting. However fails to assemble an engaging plot or even a comprehensive message overall. I hope didn't missed something coz it had so much potential...

  5. meixio's rating of the film Love

    Extremely compelling, visually stunning, nothing is ever explained and I adore it.

  6. Hazal.'s rating of the film Love

  7. :Dani's rating of the film Love

    "É como se tivéssemos uma espécie de ritmo de destruição predeterminado. Eu decidi que não estou procurando uma descoberta, só estou esperando que tenhamos uma história que valha a pena lembrar. Uma sensação de sonho almejado e um sentimento de propósito sincero, esperança e bem-estar."

  8. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Love

    "Love" está al corriente de películas clásicas del sci-fi. Desde "2001 Odisea del espacio" hasta "Moon" de Duncan Jones, solo que con una dosis existencial más saturada. El letargo es posiblemente el punto más débil de esta película, una que termina con una especie de lectura sobre la ficción. ¿Qué es "Love"? ¿Una especie de algoría a la finalidad del cine o al cine sci-fi? Sea cual sea, se siente el tedio.

  9. hesitantes's rating of the film Love

    If you are an imaginative viewer you' ll like this movie. If you are a passive judger with average opinions you probably wont like it. By that I mean like, not love. :-)

  10. jana_om's rating of the film Love

    “We are social creatures and we need to interact with other people; That's why our relationships are so important, so crucial for our existence.” hm...I don’t think so…but I enjoyed every minute of silence

  11. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Love

    Really enjoyed the vision across the board. Certainly inspired by cerebral sci-fi epics of the past but a solid and engaging entry in the genre. A feast for cinematography nerds.

  12. Kerem Soyyılmaz's rating of the film Love

    very unsuccessful film with a terrible ending

  13. Mugino's rating of the film Love

    It's beautiful to look at, sports an interesting premise and format, and quite impressive for an indie debut. The ending is a bit too cornball for my taste, bordering on the preachy, but what can you expect from a movie called "Love"? However, this doesn't lessen my enthusiasm for Eubank and I look forward to whatever he creates next.