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Maison du Bonheur

Directed by Sofia Bohdanowicz
Canada, 2017


In 30 carefully constructed segments, Maison du bonheur paints an endearing picture of the everyday life of 77-year-old Juliane Sellam, a long-time resident of Paris. Alone in her Montmartre apartment, Sellam enjoys the little things in life.

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Maison du Bonheur Directed by Sofia Bohdanowicz
The pleasures and the comforts of this one woman’s life become the pleasures and comforts of every viewer, a tiny adventure that doesn’t travel very far from this woman’s heart.
January 19, 2019
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Sofia Bohdanowicz described being soothed by the unabashedly personal films of the French New Wave, and setting out to follow their example. I know just what she means. But to say I was soothed by her diaristic profile of a 70-something Parisian astrologer, undertaken on a sort of calculated whim, is to understate the enormous solace and affirmation I took from it.
December 28, 2018
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The result is a direct, yet gentle symbiosis, with a transparency in its form; Bohdanowicz allows herself to be present, often as a disembodied guide . . . and so the illusion of objectivity is discarded immediately. The apparatus of the film laid bare, Maison adapts its form to see its subjects more fully.
August 24, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • Michael Rozek's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    Bohdanowicz should make films constantly, for years and years to come, because the world needs to see itself--as this film so quietly, beautifully illustrates-- through her eyes and mind and heart. Its 30 scenes and their sequence are so profoundly chosen and edited and so sensitively seen with the camera that the film finds and rests on an unassailably gigantic still point: the nature of existence. A flawless work.

  • Ally's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    A charming record of personal encounter, a respectful unfolding which is content to leave a lot unsaid. Reminiscent perhaps of Varda’s “Daguerreotypes” in its attentive drawing on Juliane’s everyday rituals and, maybe more of a stretch, to Akerman’s “News from Home” in making evident the engagements of the filmmaker.

  • Alice Trott's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    Juliane's view on life and how Sofia realises it in this poetic piece, reminds us that sometimes happiness and peace within comes from the simplest things and what's right in front of us. I feel like I've just watched someone piecing together some of the pure and innocent pleasures in this world and making a daisy chain with it.

  • diane38's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    Loved the film. Poignant, touching memories of a woman's life photographed with striking scenes illustrating happiness, relationships and glamour.

  • Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    A confection of a film: scrumptious, dizzying, pleasurable, and light. Many questions arise but none pressing enough to need them answered. Made me hungry, made me miss my mother who lives in Paris. And what was most endearing was the vulnerability with which Bohdanowicz ended the film. I wish other filmmakers were half as self-conscious as she is, while being just as talented.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    4.5 Ce draguț Acest film! O bunică de 77 ani în Paris ne spune despre amintirile ei din copilărie și se bucură să se devenă frumoasă. "Maison al fericirea" e un adorabil portret plin de căldură despre îmbătrînire, care ne șoptește "Îmbătrînire nu-i înfiorătoare, îmbătrînire e și o plăcere"//ああ、何て愛らしい映画だろう!パリに住む77歳のお祖母ちゃんは子供時代の思い出を語り、美しくなることを謳歌する。今作はそんな老いることについての温もりに満ちた素敵な肖像画であり、"老いることは怖くない、老いることもまた1つの喜びなの"と囁いてくれる。

  • sugarbeard's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    A charming bio-pic of an older woman's charms as witnessed by a millennial's nubile camera work. She's a sly one, this sage target.who will throw a jab when the audience is least expecting it.

  • pjmodos's rating of the film Maison du Bonheur

    Juliane is a lost artifact in our fast lives with her stability and almost religious loyalty to her rituals. It is impossible to not to be impressed by her kindness in this brutal times we live in. It is a unique and heartwarming experience to see the world with Juliane as if she discovered a new method of living or meaning in everyday objects or living beings.

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