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  1. suede's rating of the film Making Up!

    7/10. Sweet, stylized comedy featurette, providing glimpses of early 1990s culture. Submitted as KvG's thesis at Munich's film school, this was an influential success in Germany. Imperfect? Sure. But it contains a handful of wonderful scenes and observations. Never pretends to do more, never takes itself seriously. And it records for posterity the state of waiting for a love interest's call on a landline telephone.

  2. bastos's rating of the film Making Up!

  3. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Making Up!

    Tried to give this film a second chance - but found it hopeless: Katja von Garnier's directing shows no sense of timing, the dialogues are dull, and to cover the weak points of staging and acting she nearly always uses loud music. This work - hyped in 1993 as the promising output of a young director - was the first of a whole bunch of disastrous films like "Bandits", "Blood & Chocolate" and "Ostwind".