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  1. Photo of J. Walter Ruben

    J. Walter Ruben Director

  2. Photo of Howard J. Green

    Howard J. Green Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ainsworth Morgan

    Ainsworth Morgan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francis Lederer

    Francis Lederer Cast

  5. Photo of Elissa Landi

    Elissa Landi Cast

  6. Photo of Henry Stephenson

    Henry Stephenson Cast

  7. Photo of J. Farrell MacDonald

    J. Farrell MacDonald Cast

  8. Photo of Walter Byron

    Walter Byron Cast

  9. Photo of Forrester Harvey

    Forrester Harvey Cast

  10. Photo of Ivan F. Simpson

    Ivan F. Simpson Cast

  11. Photo of Lumsden Hare

    Lumsden Hare Cast

  12. Photo of Christian Rub

    Christian Rub Cast

  13. Photo of Emile Chautard

    Emile Chautard Cast

  14. Photo of Steffi Duna

    Steffi Duna Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Padden

    Sarah Padden Cast

  16. Photo of Pandro S. Berman

    Pandro S. Berman Producer

  17. Photo of Merian C. Cooper

    Merian C. Cooper Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Bernhard Kaun

    Bernhard Kaun Music

  19. Photo of Henry W. Gerrard

    Henry W. Gerrard Cinematography

  20. Photo of Jack Hively

    Jack Hively Editing

  21. Photo of Alfred Herman

    Alfred Herman Production Design

  22. Photo of Van Nest Polglase

    Van Nest Polglase Production Design

  23. Photo of Walter Plunkett

    Walter Plunkett Costume Design

  24. Photo of John E. Tribby

    John E. Tribby Sound