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Directed by Woody Allen
United States, 1979
Comedy, Drama, Romance


A love letter to NYC that explores the neurotic life and loves of a twice-divorced comedy writer, played by Allen himself. After his wife leaves him for another woman, Issac must choose between his young and earnest girlfriend Tracy or his best friend’s ex-mistress, the pseudo-intellectual Mary.

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Manhattan Directed by Woody Allen

Awards & Festivals

Academy Awards

1980 | 2 nominations including: Best Actress in a Supporting Role

National Film Preservation Board

2001 | Winner: National Film Registry

Woody Allen’s first film in CinemaScope—but not his last evocation of classic black-and-white cinematography (ZELIG, BROADWAY DANNY ROSE, etc.)—this remains the most commercially successful film of his career and, for many fans, his high watermark as well. A comedy-drama about romance versus practicality, this has a host of sophisticated one-liners and a lot of asides about the beauty of New York City.
June 02, 2017
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What results is a kind of photographic negative of the comparably more pastel-hued Annie Hall, a mellow, grayscale romantic melodrama with a liberal dosage of one-liners that would be taken for chemical impurities if the film weren’t also manifestly abstracted by Gordon Willis’s world-class black-and-white cinematography.
March 05, 2017
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[The 4K restoration] looks spectacular. And the film itself, which I had prepared myself to look at with a gimlet and/or jaundiced eye (I didn’t much like its situational sexual ethics when I saw the movie for the first time, as a pup of 19), worked on me like I had not expected at all. It’s a really well-constructed film, and the final lines, delivered beautifully by Mariel Hemingway (she and Diane Keaton are the movie’s strongest performers), actually choked me up.
September 07, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • Edward's rating of the film Manhattan

    There is a free outdoor 30th anniversary screening of Manhattan this Saturday at 8pm in Union Square for anyone living in San Francisco!

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Manhattan

    Not as funny as "Annie Hall," which almost feels appropriate; whereas that film captured something of the freewheeling and anarchic spirit of Seventies cinema, "Manhattan" conversely feels out of time: George Willis' gorgeous black & white photography and the Gershwin soundtrack harken to a different era entirely. And yet "Manhattan" has managed to serve as the rosetta stone for the last 20 years of mumblecore.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Manhattan

    It's amazing to me how many people fall for his bullshit. It's all up there on the screen. He has a beautiful wife played by Meryl Streep, but he makes her into a lesbian shrew so he can sleep with Mariel, who's only 18. We know that he actually likes them even younger. The amazing part is how he plays reluctant and he has his friends talk him into it. People don't care. It's like "throwing pennies at a battleship".

  • msmichel's rating of the film Manhattan

    Allen's bittersweet love letter to NYC still stands as one of his great films amongst many. The scripting and performances are quite magic as is the photography of Gordon Willis. Mariel Hemingway is heartbreaking as the young Tracy and Michael Murphy makes a great impression as Yale. At the heart of it all is a wonderful romanticism brought to life by the titular borough.

  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Manhattan

    I don't know why, but Allen's cinema always looks overrated to me. Although Manhattan has beautiful urban scenes, it's a very pseudo-intelectual film about the urge of being less lonely: being that, it does not evoke any kind of emotion in me - it's not particularly funny or sad, it's contemporary adult-kids going cerebral. Thumbs up for the cast - it's a very cool ensemble.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Manhattan

    "I finally had an orgasm and my doctor told me it was the wrong kind." Beautifully shot, lean & wry script, but given what later came to light in his personal life, there is the unsavory aspect of him playing a 42-yr-old man dating a 17-yr-old. Bleech, talk about a homunculus. Fine film, though.

  • Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Manhattan

    Perhaps the ultimate "New York" movie, Woody Allen's MANHATTAN is a lovely mosaic of New York life as seen through the eyes of Isaac Davis (Allen), a neurotic writer in love with two women - a sweet but naive 17 year old girl and a worldly fellow writer. Looks at Manhattan through the eyes of smoky old black and white photographs and Gershwin music, perfectly evoking the city's rhythms and atmosphere.

  • comeandsee's rating of the film Manhattan

    there were some really promising moments like diane keaton's brilliant performance, but for a comedy, the lack of laughs in accordance with my humour is sort of a killer. the neurotic style of humour just does not grab me like i half wish it would. the scenes which reference chaplin visibly are the real fun of the film for me, which makes me think it could have been better. i just find myself thinking 'eh'.

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