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  1. Photo of Marina Abramović

    Marina Abramović Self

  2. Photo of Ulay

    Ulay Self

  3. Photo of Klaus Biesenbach

    Klaus Biesenbach Self

  4. Photo of David Balliano

    David Balliano Self

  5. Photo of Chrissie Iles

    Chrissie Iles Self

  6. Photo of Arthur Danto

    Arthur Danto Self

  7. Photo of David Blaine

    David Blaine Self

  8. Photo of James Franco

    James Franco Self

  9. Photo of Matthew Akers

    Matthew Akers Cinematography and Director

  10. Photo of Nathan Halpern

    Nathan Halpern Music

  11. Photo of Jeff Dupre

    Jeff Dupre Producer and Director

  12. Photo of Maro Chermayeff

    Maro Chermayeff Producer

  13. Photo of Sheila Nevins

    Sheila Nevins Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Nancy Abraham

    Nancy Abraham Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Stanley F. Buchthal

    Stanley F. Buchthal Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Maja Hoffmann

    Maja Hoffmann Executive Producer

  17. Photo of David Koh

    David Koh Executive Producer

  18. Photo of E. Donna Shepherd

    E. Donna Shepherd Editing

  19. Photo of Jim Hession

    Jim Hession Editing

  20. Photo of Marlena Grzaslewicz

    Marlena Grzaslewicz Sound