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  1. Stein Ove Lien's rating of the film Mean Dreams

  2. chanandre's rating of the film Mean Dreams

    Farewell my sweet Bill Paxton. Even has a bad mofoca you were still sweet and kind. This was an award-worthy performance. You surely went out with a bang! Sophie Nélisse your acting is up there and your hair is on fleek. Also, what a nice treat to see Colm Feore on a film again. Score by Son Lux and lovely Canadian landscapes. An adorable love story and an awesome scope and emotional grandeur. Less is more.

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film Mean Dreams

    Toes the line and follows a very familiar formula, which was not really expected given the festival hype and lip service it has been getting here in Canada. Some beautiful (though average and expected in the age of digital cinema) cinematography and a couple of thrilling moments hardly make up for the connect-the-dots level complexity and lack of texture.

  4. Kamran's rating of the film Mean Dreams

    Well plotted to convey the naive perspective of teenagers in over their heads, though cinematic execution reveals pretense. 67/100 - Decent.

  5. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Mean Dreams

    A dignified TV movie that feels like the remake/sequel to Cop Car.

  6. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Mean Dreams

    CANNES 2016 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs : 11th film viewed. In wanting to win their freedom, the pair of Jonas & Casey teens will lose their innocence. The pickup scene is just too thrilling ! ==== En voulant gagner leur liberté, le couple d'ados Jonas & Casey vont perdre leur innocence. La scene du pick-up est trop suce-pince !