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8,693 Ratings


Directed by Lars von Trier
Denmark, Sweden, 2011
Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi


A couple celebrates their wedding with a decadent soirée at the home of the bride’s sister. The wedding is a fiasco – not just because of the planet heading directly towards earth – that’s only an aside to the mounting family tension and tenuous relationship of the newlyweds.

Melancholia Directed by Lars von Trier

Awards & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

2011 | Winner: Best Actress

Independent Spirit Awards

2012 | Nominee: Best International Film

Village Voice Film Poll

2011 | 2nd place: Best Director

2011 | 2 runner-up prizes including: Best Film

2011 | 2 nominations including: Best Supporting Actor

What are people saying?

  • Kenji's rating of the film Melancholia

    A self-important film in which discomfiting (even excruciatingly bitter) interactions, neuroses and apocalyptic anxiety are bathed in romanticised visuals and music. Drawing it would seem on Trier's own experience of depression and on Kubrick and Tarkovsky for prophetic depth, the film grates far more than it enlightens, and feels like a misanthropist's revenge. Charlotte Gainsbourg deserved much better.

  • Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Melancholia

    Bowie once sang "As the world falls down", von Trier created a planet name MELANCHOLIA. Depressing this film may seem as watching it the first time, most of it feels like a drama with little bit of sci-fi added in since it has to do with both depression & the end of the world. On the other hand, Dunst & Gainsbourg do give out some brilliant performances as for the film's opening & ending being 100% mind-blowing.

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Melancholia

    A dramatically satisfying first half - a mordantly hilarious wedding reception preceded by striking premonitory pastiches of paintings - gives way to an opaque and often inert second with reactions to the impending eschatological disaster being either maddening or just plain boring (cipher-like characters you barely care about do not help). It's visually assured and striking throughout however.

  • film_lies101's rating of the film Melancholia

    Von Trier's best film since 'Dancer in the Dark', great to see he hasn't lost his dark sense of humor most evident in Pt.I. Sure, Dunst's character isn't likable, she does feel like a real person. The supporting cast is great, Udo Kier, Kiefer Sutherland & Charlotte Rampling are hilarious.

  • Igor Ramos's rating of the film Melancholia

    You have films like Emmerich's "2012" and then you have "Melancholia". The despair and sadness that already live within Justine (Dunst) are triggered by her marriage and then by the realization that the world is soon coming to an end. Depression takes the best of her and it's up to her sister, Claire (Gainsbourg), to take care of her. A visual masterpiece with great cast.

  • Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Melancholia

    It’s a messy film, adventurous in its ideas and yet like von Trier himself full of flaws. In its flaws however it is something tremendous and proves that, regardless of any controversies, his films are always in the forefront and almost always some of the best and most interesting cinema you can find. The fact that such a nihilistic work is as life affirming at the end as it is reaffirms him as a great director

  • Matthew Martens's rating of the film Melancholia

    Von Trier, at his saturnine best, treats us to an ultravivid display of interplanetary Liebestod, setting all-too-human awfulness against the deeper madness of Justine, who careens through life but sees the end true, as if she always knew. Yes, the disaster has always already happened, but not to worry: it eternally recurs, whatever dimensions our magic cave assumes. Chaos resigns. And resumes.

  • Zachary Phillip Brailsford's rating of the film Melancholia

    This is odd for merely logistical reasons. I mean, there's no way we wouldn't know about that new planet, and if it was coming toward the Earth, even if it was only so far away, it would begin screwing with our gravitational field so fast. And it looks a lot like Antichrist. Still, I'm very intrigued. Savvy

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