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189 Ratings

Miles Ahead

Directed by Don Cheadle
United States, 2015


Jazz legend Miles Davis attempts his comeback in the 1980s, as he reflects on his relationship with his first wife, Frances Taylor.

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Miles Ahead Directed by Don Cheadle

What are people saying?

  • Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    In Miles Ahead we find Don Cheadle as an artist with a vision and, much like Miles’ undying compositions, it is erratic, chaotic and utterly absorbing. Pouring all life into this performance, Cheadle soars in front of the camera. Behind it too. It's a passion project and we feel it in every frame... the riffs, the pulse, the vibrations... we feel Miles Davis and everything he represented.

  • Joe Hackman's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    Much better than you might imagine. Cheadle's energy and passion are radiant and his portrayal of Miles Davis is rooted in an intense understanding of every facet of Miles' persona (most importantly, the sense of mystery he worked hard to curate). It all goes together like sex, drugs, and jazz. Bellissimo.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    Cheadle gives a towering performance as Miles Davis but as a director, despite a cool aesthetic and editing technique, loses the film in an unfocused script. The music of course is magnificent throughout but the supporting players are no more than cyphers excepting Corinealdi who makes a strong impression.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    Don Cheadle works around-the-clock like a renaissance man, painting a vivid, if disorganized, picture of a musical legend that had the music build him up, corrupt him, and eventually build him up again. A solid passion project that, even through narrative cohesion issues - mainly because it operates on a "cause and effect relationship" kind of structure - manages to be both compelling and intimate.

  • Mariana Vilela's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    The film is very amusing. Incredible acting work by Don Cheadle and not disappointing for his first film as a director. It's not a particularly good or loyal biography, nevertheless it is original and the editing is remarkable. It is worth watching whether you're a jazz fan or not.

  • nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    In this rollercoaster ride of a "bio-pic".Don Cheadle is outstanding as the enigmatic and dangerous to know Miles Davis.Mainly set in the 5 missing years of the 1970's,when he vanished from the music scene.Cheadle as director, pulls off a double flashback,in order to show the rise,fall and resurrection of the genius that was Miles Davis.With the coolest soundtrack around,its a must see and hear!

  • Alex Malex's rating of the film Miles Ahead

    Finally a movie, that doesn't strictly follow the life of a musician, but on the contrary - it dismisses the reality. And this is to admire (especially in the context of "Nina" and "Born to be blue") since here we see interpretation, imagination, freedom, things that are milestones for all kind of arts and more importantly are part of Miles Davis' personality. Great comics-like visuals.

  • betojones73's rating of the film Miles Ahead

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