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  1. Photo of Andrzej Konic

    Andrzej Konic Director

  2. Photo of Janusz Morgenstern

    Janusz Morgenstern Director

  3. Photo of Stanislaw Mikulski

    Stanislaw Mikulski Cast

  4. Photo of Emil Karewicz

    Emil Karewicz Cast

  5. Photo of Bronisław Pawlik

    Bronisław Pawlik Cast

  6. Photo of Gustaw Lutkiewicz

    Gustaw Lutkiewicz Cast

  7. Photo of Seweryn Butrym

    Seweryn Butrym Cast

  8. Photo of Mieczysław Stoor

    Mieczysław Stoor Cast

  9. Photo of Krzysztof Chamiec

    Krzysztof Chamiec Cast

  10. Photo of Leszek Herdegen

    Leszek Herdegen Cast

  11. Photo of August Kowalczyk

    August Kowalczyk Cast

  12. Photo of Ignacy Machowski

    Ignacy Machowski Cast

  13. Photo of Leon Niemczyk

    Leon Niemczyk Cast

  14. Photo of Artur Młodnicki

    Artur Młodnicki Cast

  15. Photo of Stanislaw Zaczyk

    Stanislaw Zaczyk Cast

  16. Photo of Mieczyslaw Janowski

    Mieczyslaw Janowski Cast

  17. Photo of Tadeusz Schmidt

    Tadeusz Schmidt Cast

  18. Photo of Stefan Sródka

    Stefan Sródka Cast

  19. Photo of Jerzy Matuszkiewicz

    Jerzy Matuszkiewicz Music

  20. Photo of Antoni Wójtowicz

    Antoni Wójtowicz Cinematography