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  1. Photo of Vittorio Bonicelli

    Vittorio Bonicelli Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anthony Burgess

    Anthony Burgess Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gianfranco De Bosio

    Gianfranco De Bosio Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Bernardino Zapponi

    Bernardino Zapponi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast

  6. Photo of Anthony Quayle

    Anthony Quayle Cast

  7. Photo of Ingrid Thulin

    Ingrid Thulin Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Papas

    Irene Papas Cast

  9. Photo of Aharon Ipalé

    Aharon Ipalé Cast

  10. Photo of Yosef Shiloach

    Yosef Shiloach Cast

  11. Photo of Marina Berti

    Marina Berti Cast

  12. Photo of Shmuel Rodensky

    Shmuel Rodensky Cast

  13. Photo of Mariangela Melato

    Mariangela Melato Cast

  14. Photo of Laurent Terzieff

    Laurent Terzieff Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Lancaster

    Bill Lancaster Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Cast

  17. Photo of Marcello Gatti

    Marcello Gatti Cinematography

  18. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  19. Photo of Vincenzo Labella

    Vincenzo Labella Producer

  20. Photo of Bernard J. Kingham

    Bernard J. Kingham Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Peter Boita

    Peter Boita Editing

  22. Photo of Alberto Gallitti

    Alberto Gallitti Editing

  23. Photo of John D. Guthridge

    John D. Guthridge Editing

  24. Photo of Gerry Hambling

    Gerry Hambling Editing

  25. Photo of Enrico Sabbatini

    Enrico Sabbatini Costume Design