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Directed by Robert Bresson
France, 1967


Mouchette is an adolescent living in the rough countryside. Her mother is dying and her father is absent. Remaining silent in the face of the humiliations she undergoes she finds respite in the woods. Everything changes when she meets poacher Arsene.

Our take

Among the very best of Robert Bresson’s films, Mouchette is a supreme example of the refined, enormously evocative style of its filmmaker: a cathartic purge of emotion, a tragedy in its most fundamental sense. An unforgettable Nadine Nortier leads this profoundly poignant, affecting film.

Mouchette Directed by Robert Bresson
The bleakest of Bresson’s meditations on misery, MOUCHETTE feels every bit the logical extension of his previous AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, but here with specific focus on the realm of human suffering.
February 03, 2012
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Mouchette, and maybe all Robert Bresson’s inexhaustible, majestic films, transpire in that puzzling space “between,” that incalculable “lifetime.” How, for instance, does a director as visually acute as Bresson and so insistent on “the resources of cinematography and the use of the camera to create” also imply the urgency of the unseen, the ineffable, the otherworldly?
January 16, 2007
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In Bresson’s no-nonsense hands, this grim fable becomes a pantomime stations of the cross, so completely focused on sensuous details, ethical interrogation and the fastidious lasering-away of movie bullshit (like acting and action) that it comes close to the simple thrust of a medieval Christian icon. That the film is a saint’s passion doesn’t mean it’s overtly Christian — Bresson is far less a spiritualist than a precision pragmatist, with a holy man’s crystal-clear moral vision.
January 15, 2007
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