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  1. Joel's rating of the film Mud

    A refreshingly restrained tale rich with southern gothic flourishes. Jeff Nichols commands his storytelling with a real dignity given to his audience. He seems to put care into his settings and characters and allows them to develop without manipulated twists and turns. A treat.

  2. Django's rating of the film Mud

    This film gets 4 stars from me despite the hackneyed ending for the fine performances and excellent dialog

  3. Tatami's rating of the film Mud

    A film that does not really seem to know what it's going for. Something just doesn't work. We end up with a decent but rather forgettable movie. Not a necessary watch.

  4. Gianpiero Mendini [cineddoche]'s rating of the film Mud

    Jeff Nichols continua il suo percorso di cinema indipendente e intelligente, sfornando un piccolo capolavoro purtroppo non abbastanza apprezzato. Attori perfetti (McConaughey, Whiterspoon, Sam Shepard per non parlare della grande prova dei due giovani protagonisti) e ambientazione decisamente originale. Da riscoprire!

  5. spasmolytic's rating of the film Mud

  6. Philippe P. Marchetti's rating of the film Mud

    Very good movie. More accessible than Nichols two first movie but just as good.

  7. Renata A's rating of the film Mud

    Romantics are the innocent. The young. The alive. Only through their eyes we sense paradise.

  8. mac le mac's rating of the film Mud

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film Mud

    Comme ces rustiques maisons flottantes en voie de disparition, qui parsèment les rivages de l'auguste fleuve dans sa finale terminaison maritime, l'intrigue du film semble ondoyer dans une irréalité adolescente donnant libre cours à l'esprit d'aventures, au héros mystérieux et à l'incontournable élément féminin, au commencement de tous les maux et de tous les bonheurs.

  10. bitterMoo's rating of the film Mud

  11. Steve G.'s rating of the film Mud

  12. tenonder's rating of the film Mud

  13. Justerodeusintherain's rating of the film Mud

    It was better than i had imagined.

  14. speedball's rating of the film Mud

  15. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Mud

    In a minor, welcome variation on the Chekhovian cliché, the pistol introduced in Mud's first act goes unshot in the film's climactic shoot-out, a thoroughly telegraphed scene that nevertheless epitomizes an endgame shift from subtle, intensely felt, fable-tinged realism to comparatively obvious (if perfectly adequate) actionist fol-de-rol. But I loved Mud's last conversation with Ellis--long live the beautiful lie.

  16. Graham Ball's rating of the film Mud

    4.5... this is my immediate reaction to having just watched the film. It could change to 5 when I rewatch it. Jeff Nichols has done it again. He effortlessly moves between genres and styles... I am speechless. So many amazing aspects to this film, but the performances really drive it! It's exciting to find a filmmaker just starting to get his stride and look forward to each new film.

  17. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Mud

    Jeff Nichols, the last American romantic.

  18. Alex Pintică's rating of the film Mud

  19. Pipim's rating of the film Mud

  20. smndvdcl's rating of the film Mud

    Heralded McConaughey's renaissance.

  21. James Mackin's rating of the film Mud

    An early part of the Mcconaissance with great performances from him and the two lead kids.

  22. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Mud

    A movie featuring shirtless Matthew McConaughey and american sweetie Reese Witherspoon that surprisingly deflects from being a cheesy romantic-comedy. I was expecting something in the same psychological-thriller tone of 'Take Shelter', and although I'm not as satisfied as I was after watching Jeff Nichols previous effort, the strange relationship between Mud and Ellis was enjoyable to follow.

  23. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Mud

    Jeff Nichols is truly a visionary. By this I mean that his vision is unique, thorough and consistent. His work has kept a cohesive flavor to it since his debut with 'Shotgun Stories’, all the way up to his most recent 'Midnight Special' (and assumedly with the upcoming release of 'Loving'). As his ideas come to fruition, it's clear that he is devoted in developing every detail as true to the heart of his stories...↓

  24. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film Mud

    Tiene resonancias a The Night of the Hunter, pero Mud le da la vuelta a aquella premisa de una forma inteligente, sensible y evocadora, con un par de jóvenes protagonistas que resultan sorprendentes en sus papeles, y un magnífico Matthew McConaughey.

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