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Werner Herzog: Ecstatic Truths
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My Best Fiend

Mein liebster Feind

Directed by Werner Herzog
Germany, United Kingdom, 1999
  • German
  • English, French
Werner Herzog: Ecstatic Truths


In this personal documentary, the director recalls the highs, the lows and the heated quarrels that marked his relationship with Kinski, returning to the very apartment in Munich where they first met and revisiting all the places where they made their films.

Our take

Werner Herzog perhaps has never made a more personal documentary than this bittersweet portrait of his notorious (and possibly mad?) leading man, Klaus Kinski, the star of his films Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, and Cobra Verde.

My Best Fiend Directed by Werner Herzog

Critics reviews

The film ends with a shot of Kinski delicately playing with a butterfly that crawls over his fingers and flits about his face. The first time watching this movie, this scene clashes with the portrait of the actor as a wild man, but gradually one comes to see it not as a contrast to Kinski’s volatility but a more complete rendering of it. It’s a fittingly irresolute coda from a man still grappling how he could have spent so much of his life around such a person, and why he still misses him.
April 11, 2016
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What may be admirable in an exposé like My Best Fiend is that it shows the undertakings to be as dangerous as they were Herculean. In fact, the film improbably risks identification with Kinski over Herzog.
November 01, 2006
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