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  1. Photo of Isabel Coixet

    Isabel Coixet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley Cast

  3. Photo of Scott Speedman

    Scott Speedman Cast

  4. Photo of Mark Ruffalo

    Mark Ruffalo Cast

  5. Photo of Amanda Plummer

    Amanda Plummer Cast

  6. Photo of Leonor Watling

    Leonor Watling Cast

  7. Photo of Deborah Harry

    Deborah Harry Cast

  8. Photo of Maria de Medeiros

    Maria de Medeiros Cast

  9. Photo of Julian Richings

    Julian Richings Cast

  10. Photo of Kenya Jo Kennedy

    Kenya Jo Kennedy Cast

  11. Photo of Jessica Amlee

    Jessica Amlee Cast

  12. Photo of Esther García

    Esther García Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Claude Larrieu

    Jean-Claude Larrieu Cinematography

  15. Photo of Alfonso Vilallonga

    Alfonso Vilallonga Music

  16. Photo of Carol Lavallee

    Carol Lavallee Production Design

  17. Photo of Gordon McLennan

    Gordon McLennan Producer

  18. Photo of Agustín Almodóvar

    Agustín Almodóvar Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Pedro Almodóvar

    Pedro Almodóvar Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Ogden Gavanski

    Ogden Gavanski Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Lisa Robison

    Lisa Robison Editing