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  1. Photo of Bigas Luna

    Bigas Luna Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Carmen Chaves Gastaldo

    Carmen Chaves Gastaldo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luis de Val

    Luis de Val Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Celia Orós

    Celia Orós Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Albert Pascual

    Albert Pascual Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jaume Martí

    Jaume Martí Editing

  7. Photo of Chu Uroz

    Chu Uroz Production Design

  8. Photo of Ferran Mengod

    Ferran Mengod Sound

  9. Photo of Joan Riba

    Joan Riba Sound

  10. Photo of Edgar Vidal

    Edgar Vidal Sound

  11. Photo of Verónica Echegui

    Verónica Echegui Cast

  12. Photo of Dani Martín

    Dani Martín Cast

  13. Photo of Laya Martí

    Laya Martí Cast

  14. Photo of Gorka Lasaosa

    Gorka Lasaosa Cast

  15. Photo of José Chaves

    José Chaves Cast

  16. Photo of Mercedes Hoyos

    Mercedes Hoyos Cast

  17. Photo of Ferran Madico

    Ferran Madico Cast

  18. Photo of Marcos Campos

    Marcos Campos Cast

  19. Photo of Manuel Santiago

    Manuel Santiago Cast

  20. Photo of Benito Sagredo

    Benito Sagredo Cast

  21. Photo of William Miller

    William Miller Cast