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  1. Photo of G.W. Pabst

    G.W. Pabst Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Gertrude Pabst

    Gertrude Pabst Screenplay

  3. Photo of Walter von Hollander

    Walter von Hollander Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Hubschmid

    Paul Hubschmid Cast

  5. Photo of Ilse Werner

    Ilse Werner Cast

  6. Photo of Stefan Skodler

    Stefan Skodler Cast

  7. Photo of Elfe Gerhart

    Elfe Gerhart Cast

  8. Photo of Hermann Thimig

    Hermann Thimig Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Eis

    Maria Eis Cast

  10. Photo of Harry Leyn

    Harry Leyn Cast

  11. Photo of Ulrich Bettac

    Ulrich Bettac Cast

  12. Photo of Otto Schmöle

    Otto Schmöle Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Tessen

    Robert Tessen Cast

  14. Photo of Helli Servi

    Helli Servi Cast

  15. Photo of Ernst Waldbrunn

    Ernst Waldbrunn Cast

  16. Photo of Ida Russka

    Ida Russka Cast

  17. Photo of Josef Fischer

    Josef Fischer Cast

  18. Photo of Josefine Berghofer

    Josefine Berghofer Cast

  19. Photo of Gaby Philipp

    Gaby Philipp Cast

  20. Photo of Franz Eichberger

    Franz Eichberger Cast

  21. Photo of Helmuth Fischer-Ashley

    Helmuth Fischer-Ashley Cinematography

  22. Photo of Hans Schneeberger

    Hans Schneeberger Cinematography

  23. Photo of Roland Kovac

    Roland Kovac Music

  24. Photo of Alois Melichar

    Alois Melichar Music

  25. Photo of Isabella Schlichting

    Isabella Schlichting Production Design

  26. Photo of Werner Schlichting

    Werner Schlichting Production Design