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  1. Photo of Graham Theakston

    Graham Theakston Director

  2. Photo of Ken Grieve

    Ken Grieve Director

  3. Photo of Richard Stroud

    Richard Stroud Director

  4. Photo of Herbert Wise

    Herbert Wise Director

  5. Photo of Malcolm Mowbray

    Malcolm Mowbray Director

  6. Photo of Mary McMurray

    Mary McMurray Director

  7. Photo of Sebastian Graham Jones

    Sebastian Graham Jones Director

  8. Photo of Edith Pargeter

    Edith Pargeter Screenplay

  9. Photo of Christopher Russell

    Christopher Russell Screenplay

  10. Photo of Russell Lewis

    Russell Lewis Screenplay

  11. Photo of Simon Burke

    Simon Burke Screenplay

  12. Photo of Paul Pender

    Paul Pender Screenplay

  13. Photo of Ben Rostul

    Ben Rostul Screenplay

  14. Photo of Richard Stoneman

    Richard Stoneman Screenplay

  15. Photo of Derek Jacobi

    Derek Jacobi Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Culver

    Michael Culver Cast

  17. Photo of Julian Firth

    Julian Firth Cast

  18. Photo of Terrence Hardiman

    Terrence Hardiman Cast

  19. Photo of Mark Charnock

    Mark Charnock Cast

  20. Photo of Albie Woodington

    Albie Woodington Cast

  21. Photo of Eoin McCarthy

    Eoin McCarthy Cast

  22. Photo of Sean Pertwee

    Sean Pertwee Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Copley

    Peter Copley Cast

  24. Photo of Raymond Llewellyn

    Raymond Llewellyn Cast

  25. Photo of Anthony Green

    Anthony Green Cast

  26. Photo of Nyika Jancsó

    Nyika Jancsó Cinematography

  27. Photo of Derek Suter

    Derek Suter Cinematography

  28. Photo of Tony Miller

    Tony Miller Cinematography

  29. Photo of Walter McGill

    Walter McGill Cinematography

  30. Photo of Colin Towns

    Colin Towns Music

  31. Photo of Brian Ackland-Snow

    Brian Ackland-Snow Production Design

  32. Photo of Austen Spriggs

    Austen Spriggs Production Design

  33. Photo of József Romvári

    József Romvári Production Design

  34. Photo of Stephen Smallwood

    Stephen Smallwood Producer

  35. Photo of Ted Childs

    Ted Childs Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Rob Pursey

    Rob Pursey Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Rebecca Eaton

    Rebecca Eaton Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Jamie McCoan

    Jamie McCoan Editing

  39. Photo of Alan Jones

    Alan Jones Editing

  40. Photo of Robert C. Dearberg

    Robert C. Dearberg Editing

  41. Photo of Nigel Bate

    Nigel Bate Editing

  42. Photo of Frances McLean

    Frances McLean Editing

  43. Photo of Laurence Méry-Clark

    Laurence Méry-Clark Editing

  44. Photo of Joe Illing

    Joe Illing Editing

  45. Photo of Andrew McClelland

    Andrew McClelland Editing