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  1. Photo of Olav Neuland

    Olav Neuland Director

  2. Photo of Isaak Fridberg

    Isaak Fridberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Grigori Kanovicius

    Grigori Kanovicius Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rudolf Allabert

    Rudolf Allabert Cast

  5. Photo of Nelli Taar

    Nelli Taar Cast

  6. Photo of Arvo Iho

    Arvo Iho Cast and Cinematography

  7. Photo of Anne Maasik

    Anne Maasik Cast

  8. Photo of Indrek Korb

    Indrek Korb Cast

  9. Photo of Evald Aavik

    Evald Aavik Cast

  10. Photo of Tõnu Kark

    Tõnu Kark Cast

  11. Photo of Vaino Vahing

    Vaino Vahing Cast

  12. Photo of Ain Lutsepp

    Ain Lutsepp Cast

  13. Photo of Kullo Must

    Kullo Must Producer

  14. Photo of Tõnis Vunder

    Tõnis Vunder Producer

  15. Photo of Lepo Sumera

    Lepo Sumera Music

  16. Photo of Eha Meier

    Eha Meier Editing

  17. Photo of Eevi Säde

    Eevi Säde Editing

  18. Photo of Heikki Halla

    Heikki Halla Production Design

  19. Photo of Halja Klaar

    Halja Klaar Production Design

  20. Photo of Enn Säde

    Enn Säde Sound