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7,227 Ratings


Directed by Sidney Lumet
United States, 1976


When a veteran anchorman is forced out of his post, he announces to viewers that he will kill himself during his farewell broadcast. Network executives rethink their decision when his fanatical tirade results in a spike in ratings.

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Network Directed by Sidney Lumet

Awards & Festivals

Academy Awards

1977 | 4 wins including: Best Actor in a Leading Role

1977 | 6 nominations including: Best Actor in a Leading Role

National Film Preservation Board

2000 | Winner: National Film Registry

Critics reviews

Hosts like Alex Jones and Bill O’Reilly and others have been highly effective at capturing the same ratings magic pilloried in Network. And in O’Reilly’s case, at least, his own offscreen behavior — and the profit-driven corporate model — finally took him down. Where Jones will end up is an open question. But if Network was trying to be cautionary satire that steered us away from the dangers of conflating informing the public with entertaining it, it failed. Today, it just looks like prophecy.
April 22, 2017
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Of course Chayefsky’s characters don’t talk like “real” people; they talk the way that Chayefsky wished they could talk, replete with virtuosic articulations of their inner philosophy. And of course the brilliant performances of William Holden, Faye Dunaway, and especially Peter Finch vividly bring those words to life.
September 14, 2012
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What are people saying?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Network

    While it flirts dangerously with grotesque and nylon corporate characters, Lumet's indictment against media totalitarianism dressed as democratic opinion preferences for vacuous stimuli proves -even in a world of social media- quite prophetic as it bears directly on post-truth politics. The system implodes and Lumet depicts in great perspectival shots and diagonals the closure. Finch is terrific and his cry topical.

  • Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Network

    It walks the very fine line between complete ridiculousness and politics, satire and drama without ever losing balance and track of where it wants to go. It's scary how relevant this remains. I guess human beings haven't evolved much, huh.

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Network

    The ills of the corporatisation of not only broadcast news, but the world at large in this scabrous attack on commutable integrity, exploitation and contempt. It's ugly stuff but brilliantly played with crackle and fizz and staged by a Director who knew how to read a script. Perhaps the closet Hollywood has yet come to opera, albeit ranted from a soapbox. Sad to say it's not prescient, just nothing changes.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Network

    It seems obvious that in the 70s Lumet possessed a cinematic capacity above the ordinary, looking at social reality with the same intensity that he looks for his filming ways, a deliverance that approach a possibility of a theoretical cinema in action, on the ground, as the films with Pacino, "Prince of the City" or this amazing dithyrambic libel anti society of the spectacle, which with its techniques dynamites it.

  • ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Network

    It's campy fun. Seriously how can anyone take this so seriously and call it one of the best screenplays. It's so hyperbolic and preachy. That said, much like it's descendant MAGNOLIA, it's too insane to not enjoy. It doesn't feel Lumet had much a say on this film as the direction feels enslaved to the script. Chayefsky is in charge here. Plus, even as a satire, it feels like a retread of A Face in the Crowd.

  • Joe Hackman's rating of the film Network

    Brilliant. Finely treads the line between satire and self-referential realism. And makes it look easy! The script is just perfect and Sidney Lumet always puts the camera where it needs to be - the relationship between Howard Beale and his cameras is a big part of the shot design, and very smart. Wonderful storytelling here. Way ahead of its time.

  • Ryan Estabrooks's rating of the film Network

    This movie is still alarmingly relevant, not only in the current television world but even with the new internet news/blog world that we find ourselves in. Extreme emotion gets clicks and shares, anything too 'real', 'complicated' or 'depressing' drops off the radar.

  • Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Network

    To quote Mr. Beal himself, "This is revelation!" It's absolutely horrifying how true the content of this 1976 film is to our times, and thank god, because if "Network" had been written today, the powers that be would make sure it never made it to film. One of the best movies ever.

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