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  1. fahmi khoirussani's rating of the film No End in Sight

  2. s.birowo's rating of the film No End in Sight

    An exemplification of one of the rigid case for impeaching the US president.

  3. muse_x's rating of the film No End in Sight

    I couldn't make it to the end. It so sickened me. How no one's done a damn thing when it comes to apprehending George W. Bush, Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld & beheading the mofos or disposing of them in some other manner. Granted, W. wanted to avenge his pappy but still... Obama allegedly captured & disposed of Bin Laden, though I don't believe it, for I don't trust him either, he's just as corrupt, in my eye.

  4. Shawn Spitler's rating of the film No End in Sight

    Eye opening. I joined the Marine Corps in 2005, drinking the cool aid like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love the Marines and I'm proud I served. What gets me angry is knowing how many lives could have been saved if wiser minds had prevailed. Thank you, Charles Ferguson, for enlightening us.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film No End in Sight

    5 minutes into this I wanted to kick Rumsfeld repeatedly in the teeth. There's a special place in Hell for that rat bastard. Anyone who can watch this and not be utterly enraged by the stupidity and the duplicity of the Bush regime and the invasion and destruction of Iraq...well there's nothing that can be done for you. Go back to watching Fox "news" you sad pathetic fuckers.

  6. OcioActivo's rating of the film No End in Sight

    If you're politically-inclined, this film will add details to what you already may know about the Iraq conflict. If not, like me, there is a sense of enlightened distrust and frustration in the actions of the people talked about and interviewed. Demands your attention, as would any subject as complicated and recent as this one. Pretty good documentary. Political or not, the pacing is the main attraction here.

  7. Mathieu Verbeeck's rating of the film No End in Sight

    A coolheaded, methodical (and still a very relevant) Iraq war documentary that doesn't polarize but will leave you shattered, angry and astounded. A case study of incompetence and tragic mistakes.

  8. dudewiththeface's rating of the film No End in Sight

    This showcases the problems inherent with the planning, or lack of planning, the powers that be had at the time of invasion, and the missteps hence forth. There are a lot of aspects that should have definitely been dealt with better, despite your feelings on the endeavor or which side of the debate you align with. The often ignored common sense leads to a baffled awe and a disturbed feeling in the viewer's stomach.

  9. Rhondo Alameda's rating of the film No End in Sight

    What happens when you elect self entitled stooges to high office.

  10. Zac Weber's rating of the film No End in Sight

    A well-constructed and convincing examination of the insanity behind the occupation of Iraq. By interviewing the military and intelligence experts selected by the administration, Ferguson sidesteps flippant calls of bias. A sharper look at economic incentives behind the Bush administration's decisions would be pertinent, but this is still one of the best documentaries on the subject of U.S. incompetence in Iraq.

  11. Wee Hunk's rating of the film No End in Sight

    You can ignore my rating. I'm not sure it is as relevant now, Mr. MUBI, unless you lived in a cave without internet for the last 20 years.

  12. ihor's rating of the film No End in Sight

    A systematic critique of American imperial hubris in the early days of the Iraqi invasion. Invade and take out the bad guys being the dominate mantra with everything else just working itself out. The extreme difficulty of nation building was carried out with gross carelessly that surely has echoes continuing to the ongoing crisis in Iraq today making the title all the more appropriate.

  13. Kirby's rating of the film No End in Sight

    I always knew that the Iraq war was a bit of a clusterfuck. I just didn't know how big of a clusterfuck it actually was until I saw this. I mean, after seeing this, Taxi to the Dark Side, and The Tillman Story, I'm convinced Donald Rumsfeld might be evil. Or retarded. Or both...yeah, an evil retard.

  14. Endless Eye's rating of the film No End in Sight

    Seriously an amazing accomplishment. I think by the end of this film I wanted to strangle people...Simply because it systematically walks through the events leading up to and through the Iraq war in a bi-partisan and thorough manner, that it leaves you with the sad truth about how we totally screwed up big time...Super frustrating but totally important. Everyone should see this movie.

  15. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film No End in Sight

    One of the best documentaries ever.