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  1. Photo of Jean Dréville

    Jean Dréville Director

  2. Photo of Damir Vyatich-Berezhnykh

    Damir Vyatich-Berezhnykh Director

  3. Photo of Konstantin Simonov

    Konstantin Simonov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Charles Spaak

    Charles Spaak Screenplay

  5. Photo of Elsa Triolet

    Elsa Triolet Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pierre Trabaud

    Pierre Trabaud Cast

  7. Photo of Roland Ménard

    Roland Ménard Cast

  8. Photo of Giani Esposito

    Giani Esposito Cast

  9. Photo of Gérard Darrieu

    Gérard Darrieu Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Rivière

    Georges Rivière Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Claude Michel

    Jean-Claude Michel Cast

  12. Photo of André Oumansky

    André Oumansky Cast

  13. Photo of Bamdas

    Bamdas Cast

  14. Photo of Nicolas Bataille

    Nicolas Bataille Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Bernard

    Jacques Bernard Cast

  16. Photo of Gérard Buhr

    Gérard Buhr Cast

  17. Photo of Marc Cassot

    Marc Cassot Cast

  18. Photo of Roland Chalosse

    Roland Chalosse Cast

  19. Photo of Daniel Darès

    Daniel Darès Cast

  20. Photo of Vitali Doronin

    Vitali Doronin Cast

  21. Photo of Nikolai Lebedev

    Nikolai Lebedev Cast

  22. Photo of Yuri Medvedev

    Yuri Medvedev Cast

  23. Photo of Nikolai Rybnikov

    Nikolai Rybnikov Cast

  24. Photo of Richard Winckler

    Richard Winckler Cast

  25. Photo of Jacques Natteau

    Jacques Natteau Cinematography

  26. Photo of José Padilla

    José Padilla Music

  27. Photo of Alexandre Hinkis

    Alexandre Hinkis Production Design

  28. Photo of Henry Deutschmeister

    Henry Deutschmeister Producer

  29. Photo of Alexandre Kamenka

    Alexandre Kamenka Producer

  30. Photo of Borys Lewin

    Borys Lewin Editing