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  1. Marco B.'s rating of the film Nosferatu

  2. Kevin's rating of the film Nosferatu

    See it again even if you already studied this film. The yellow subtitles bring new life to this fantastic film. It feels like a black and white made today, just remarkable.

  3. Kennedy Cole Young's rating of the film Nosferatu

    In F.W. Murnau's 2013 remake film, Nosferatu, we experience a suspenseful tale of folklore and history through Johnathan Hutter as he travels to Translyvania during a plague in his town of Wisborg, Germany in 1838. He meets Count Orlock, a gentleman with a creepy tone overall in the movie. This tone is set throughout the movie and contributes to the style of doom, as seen by foreshadowing and symbols in the symphony.

  4. Amie Perdue's rating of the film Nosferatu

    For what it's worth, the film being silent does not take away from it's scare factor. In my opinion it's more creepy with silence. Count Dracula has an intense appearance; long claws, clearly "dead", and big fangs which of course are for biting his victims so he can drain their blood. The music score sets the tone for each scene, and kind of preps you as to what is to come. Overall a classic and good horror flick.

  5. Samuel Spione's rating of the film Nosferatu

    I happened upon this movie on TV as a little kid. It gave me nightmares for about a month, and instilled in my subconscious a love for the horror genre. I've seen a lot of scary movies since then, but that hallway shot of Nosferatu still chills me to the bone.

  6. lellingw's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Love this movie and the print is extraordinary. But the soundtrack has a lot to be desired. I’ve heard better with this film.

  7. Mark's rating of the film Nosferatu

    In the running with the greatest films ever made, Nosferatu was restored by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung. Backed by an orchestral performance of Hans Erdmann's 1922 score and with original tinting, its magic is intoxicating. This isn’t that version. Here the clarity is mediocre, the keyboard score is tedious, and the absent tinting renders prosaic Murnau’s symphony of pestilence. See the restoration instead.

  8. manuelveigas's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Like many Expressionist films, it's a visual feast that's filled with platitudes and childlike characters. There's simply too much good vs evil and all that picturesque idyllic love for my taste, although I must admit that I also struggle to get into opera. But it isn't all bad. I was impressed by the shots of town members carrying the caskets of the deceased and by the shots inside and around the count's palace.

  9. Ghostman's rating of the film Nosferatu

    A sort of Rosetta Stone for all horror films to come after. An indisputable masterpiece. Max Schreck is fucking terrifying. Murnau, a pioneer. This is a film that's as great as they say.

  10. Gabriel Vicente da Silva's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Incrédulo como curti esse filme. Tem quase 100 anos e é bom pra caramba! Fiquei impressionado

  11. gaporama's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Rewatched it, this time, the restored version with the original tints. Beautiful!

  12. Du Bist's rating of the film Nosferatu

  13. 潮騒's rating of the film Nosferatu


  14. Javier López's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Enorme obra del expresionismo alemán, una iluminación dura, basada en los contrastes. Impresionante caracterización del vampiro protagonizado por Max Schreck. La importancia que le da Murnau a los actores, es cine mudo, por eso parecen sobreactuados, debían mostrar en imágenes lo que no podían contar con sonido. No deja de asombrar la inteligencia de la época con los escasos recursos que se tenían.

  15. Arijan's rating of the film Nosferatu

  16. patrickwingkondunne's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Not a scary film, but a moody, atmospheric, and creepy one. Even without sound or color, Nosferatu does things that most horror films wish they could. It uses intense imagery and shadows rather than cheap jump scares. Nosferatu is almost 100 years old and is still held in high regard. It will continue to be relevant 100 years from now too.

  17. bartkl's rating of the film Nosferatu

    I have great respect for Murnau and have really enjoyed "Sunrise" and "City Girl" before this one. "Nosferatu" certainly is a well-crafted film too, but I think the silent genre does not combine well with the horror for me. Although the usual tension and fear that comes with horror films weren't absent here, I felt they were far less intense. I respect and enjoyed this, but its dated resources limited the experience.

  18. Rafael Dutra Dumangin Paes's rating of the film Nosferatu

  19. Simone Berlioz's rating of the film Nosferatu

  20. HenriqueA's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Not as expressionist as I remembered it, but still pretty fucking impressinve, especially because of motherfucking crepping Max Schreck. And Murnau's a fucking master, playing in Bram Stoker's field with Germany's psychology post WWI.

  21. DenoResandono's rating of the film Nosferatu

    NOSFERATU is one of the great silent or horror movie I've ever seen. Some of the technical aspects maybe looks dated. But still - it able to give a nightmarish presentation. Director F.W. Murnau really knew how to build a tension or suspense. NOSFERATU maybe kinda slow in the beginning. But please be patient because this movie will slowly creep you out. I really, really loved its black and white cinematography...

  22. angeldromero's rating of the film Nosferatu

    This film sets a blueprint for the Gothic Horror genre. Coffins, rats, cemeteries, haunted castles. You can clearly see the influence this film and the main character Count Orlok have on horror as a whole.

  23. ADZERTY's rating of the film Nosferatu

    Sympa de revoir de temps en temps ce genre de grands classiques. Bonne idée Mubi et merci !

  24. Charlotte Hafner's rating of the film Nosferatu

    On a technical level, this film is impressive, and a good example of the German Expressionist film aesthetic of the 1920s. However, I felt that it dragged a lot at the beginning and in the middle, and it took a really long time to introduce the character of Nosferatu, who is the true driving point of the film, and impressively played by Max Schreck (who has the most fitting name for that role by the way!).

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