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211 Ratings

Nude on the Moon

United States, 1961
Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi


Brilliant scientist Jeff inherits $3 million and builds his own rocketship. When he and the Professor reach the Moon, they find it inhabited by telepathic nudists with antennae. Suddenly, workaholic Jeff has time to learn about this thing called “love!”

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Nude on the Moon Directed by Doris Wishman, Raymond Phelan

What are people saying?

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    Nudie-cutie filmmaker Doris Wishman originally skirted the censors by making a "documentary" about a nudist camp. She pushed the envelope with this one, as the censors felt that a nudist camp on the moon was not really a documentary, and this film was banned, however she went on and continued a long and fruitful career , including the classic BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL. Fans of "titty movies" will not be disappointed.

  • Stefan Drees's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    This is so weird! How could anybody have the idea to make such a film? I had to laugh the whole time. It's well worth watching...

  • Rory Dunn's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    Silly. Simple. Sexual? A film to be enjoyed not for what it is, but what it represents: freedom. The sexual release of the 1960's, of female empowerment behind the camera, of the ability to not be ashamed. Is it a good film? I wouldn't say so. Is it a good jumping off into the salacious world of sexploitation? Indeed it is.

  • EdieEmm's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    Banned on release, Wishman’s 2nd has survived as a surprisingly perfect distillation of the early atomic age zeitgeist: Science, free enterprise & a pioneering spirit leading us (via high-tech space-phallus!) into the age of peace & plenty - or at least the adolescent male fantasy thereof (gold & boobs!) The era's dangerously naive optimism/fear-driven escapism combo, encapsulated. With low-budget whimsy & charm. 2.5

  • Daniel's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    Sublimely humorous. There are scenes in this film where it appears that even the actors cannot keep a straight face. Like any good bad movie, I'm undecided as to what comedic elements were intentional or not. And it's that undecidedness that leads to a place of absurd laughter.

  • Ludovic72's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    Bon, comme qui dirait : "euh... c'était vraiment trèèès intéressant" ! Deux lascars bricolent une fusée (en faisant des manips de... chimie ?) et s'envolent pour la Lune. Là-bas, à l'aise dans leurs combinaisons "Force Rouge" et "Force Verte" ultra stylées, ils découvrent un camp de nudistes ultra cool, où les filles ne parlent pas mais ont de belles antennes : un vrai paradis perdu. Débile, mal joué, rigolo, sympa.

  • Eric Rucker's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    If you can't believe your eyes and think this is weird, wait until the next day. This film has a haunting poetry that comes to you in ways you don't expect. It is a great laugh, and loony, yes, but it is as lunar and dreamlike as any Magritte or Delvaux painting of the night. Bizarre and magical in the remembering, perhaps because your brain refuses to believe anybody would make a movie like that.

  • Amrit Rukhaiyaar's rating of the film Nude on the Moon

    I understand the whole movement of Nudist Cinema, it is about the liberation of one's sexuality, women preferably. However, It was really tough to appreciate the movement in this Science Fantasy Nudist film which didn't really care to see if the sexual theme managed to turn into anything substantial. A Stupid film with some fine pair of breasts, that too, on the moon.