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  1. Photo of Luís Noronha da Costa

    Luís Noronha da Costa Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Miguel Cardoso

    Miguel Cardoso Executive Producer

  3. Photo of IPC

    IPC Producer

  4. Photo of Nuno Júdice

    Nuno Júdice Screenplay

  5. Photo of Luís Vilaça

    Luís Vilaça Screenplay

  6. Photo of Acácio de Almeida

    Acácio de Almeida Cinematography

  7. Photo of Agostinho Alves

    Agostinho Alves Cast

  8. Photo of Anthony Peter

    Anthony Peter Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Caldeira Pires

    Antonio Caldeira Pires Cast

  10. Photo of António Espírito Santo

    António Espírito Santo Cast

  11. Photo of Mafalda de Mello e Castro

    Mafalda de Mello e Castro Cast

  12. Photo of Rita Azevedo Gomes

    Rita Azevedo Gomes Cast

  13. Photo of Suzi Turner

    Suzi Turner Cast

  14. Photo of Jorge Loureiro

    Jorge Loureiro Editing