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  1. Photo of Nikita Mikhalkov

    Nikita Mikhalkov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Adabashyan

    Aleksandr Adabashyan Screenplay and Production Design

  3. Photo of Ivan Goncharov

    Ivan Goncharov Novel

  4. Photo of Oleg Tabakov

    Oleg Tabakov Cast

  5. Photo of Yuri Bogatyryov

    Yuri Bogatyryov Cast

  6. Photo of Andrei Popov

    Andrei Popov Cast

  7. Photo of Elena Solovey

    Elena Solovey Cast

  8. Photo of Avangard Leontyev

    Avangard Leontyev Cast

  9. Photo of Andrei Razumovsky

    Andrei Razumovsky Cast

  10. Photo of Oleg Kozlov

    Oleg Kozlov Cast

  11. Photo of Yelena Kleshchevskaya

    Yelena Kleshchevskaya Cast

  12. Photo of Galina Shostko

    Galina Shostko Cast

  13. Photo of Gleb Strizhenov

    Gleb Strizhenov Cast

  14. Photo of Evgeniy Steblov

    Evgeniy Steblov Cast

  15. Photo of Evgeniya Glushenko

    Evgeniya Glushenko Cast

  16. Photo of Oleg Basilashvili

    Oleg Basilashvili Cast

  17. Photo of Pavel Lebeshev

    Pavel Lebeshev Cinematography

  18. Photo of Eduard Artemyev

    Eduard Artemyev Music

  19. Photo of Vincenzo Bellini

    Vincenzo Bellini Music

  20. Photo of Aleksandr Samulekin

    Aleksandr Samulekin Production Design

  21. Photo of Eleonora Praksina

    Eleonora Praksina Editing