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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Oblomov

    Flabby and indolent Oblomov stays all day in bed. Released from his slothful inactivity by childhood friend Andrei and later by Olga, he reflects on his place in society and on the meaning of life. Gorgeously shot in the aristocratically decadent interiors and the lyrical countryside, it features expert performances and upliftingly nostalgic flashbacks (most about Oblomov's 'absent' mother). A masterpiece, no doubt.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Oblomov

    Teintée d'une attachante nostalgie, une oeuvre raffinée, de grande qualité...

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Oblomov

  4. tjim's rating of the film Oblomov

    Interesting movie. Makes you think what's important or sensible in life, living like Oblomov or his best friend, or something between those two extremes? Add in a good plot, good acting, beautiful cinematography, a little romance and some humor, and you have a five star movie.

  5. paxy's rating of the film Oblomov

  6. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Oblomov

  7. ed Vassallo's rating of the film Oblomov

  8. jdeuling's rating of the film Oblomov

    Most symphathetic Russian movie I ever saw. Oleg Tabakov is ver good as Oblomov. The style reminds me of 'Russian Ark'

  9. Dzimas's rating of the film Oblomov

    Oblomov is such a great story and Mikhalkov gives it a very deft touch. The first part is set entirely in Oblomov's apartment with an amusing dialog betwen he his servant Zakhar, who is unable to get his master to move, that apparently inspired Beckett. Goncharov, like Dostoevsky, had a very theatrical sense of drama, which Mikhalokov expresses in this film.