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Ratings & Reviews

  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film On Paper Wings

    ("me popade zalost" <3) 3,5 embracing forces that can appear as opposite, it is very close and very distant in a same time. a film that don´t know what it is (nor it should), a film in constant making, a constant moving and therefore (not in spite of) a film that shows repetitions and sameness in order to achieve totality. it stands and it moves. it´s dead and it´s alive.

  2. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film On Paper Wings

    it was not her mother's story only... she was wrong .

  3. Samuel T.'s rating of the film On Paper Wings

    "You remember what the guard said of Gauguin? He painted snow while at sea. He carved on a door, 'Be in love- You'll be happy'... I'm happy now." A cracked obscurity; it's lack of emotional proliferation stems from the opening sequences which weave this film into a strange commercialized, plasticized love story with sequences cutting back and forth like a knife. A comment on advertising, maybe, but who cares? Baffled