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  1. NICOLE86's rating of the film Onegin

    The let down in this film is Liv Tyler. Its simply gorgeous and Ralph Finnes could read off the Breakfast menu items at Taco Bell and I would think it was perfection.

  2. Patricia's rating of the film Onegin

  3. Ally's rating of the film Onegin

    Having never read the novel I can only presume that it's much better in comparison, however, Liv Tyler and Ralph Fiennes' chemistry was fabulous. Ralph is... How do I put this? Well, he's one talented motherfucker, and Liv Tyler is an ethereal angel. This film itself, if not for the beautiful imagery and acting, would be quite bland with a pretty average script. But for what it is, I thought the film was quite good.

  4. Burcu's rating of the film Onegin

    Based on Alexander Pushkin's novel "Eugene Onegin".

  5. Lidia Lemon's rating of the film Onegin

    it`s a funny, when we can listening such song like "Oi, cvetet kalina" (1950), "Oi polnem polna korobushka" (1861) and song of Russian-japan war "The Hills of Manchuria" (1906) in Onegin`s 1830+ times.)

  6. Suscov's rating of the film Onegin