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  1. Photo of Menahem Golan

    Menahem Golan Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ken Globus

    Ken Globus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Clarke Reynolds

    Clarke Reynolds Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yehoram Gaon

    Yehoram Gaon Cast

  5. Photo of Gila Almagor

    Gila Almagor Cast

  6. Photo of Assi Dayan

    Assi Dayan Cast

  7. Photo of Klaus Kinski

    Klaus Kinski Cast

  8. Photo of Sybil Danning

    Sybil Danning Cast

  9. Photo of Arik Lavie

    Arik Lavie Cast

  10. Photo of Shmuel Rodensky

    Shmuel Rodensky Cast

  11. Photo of Gabi Amrani

    Gabi Amrani Cast

  12. Photo of Mark Heath

    Mark Heath Cast

  13. Photo of Henry Czarniak

    Henry Czarniak Cast

  14. Photo of Adam Greenberg

    Adam Greenberg Cinematography

  15. Photo of Dov Seltzer

    Dov Seltzer Music

  16. Photo of Yoram Globus

    Yoram Globus Producer

  17. Photo of Irving H. Levin

    Irving H. Levin Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Dov Hoenig

    Dov Hoenig Editing

  19. Photo of Cyril Collick

    Cyril Collick Sound