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  1. Photo of Chia Tang

    Chia Tang Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Wong Ying

    Wong Ying Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mai Te-Lo

    Mai Te-Lo Cast

  4. Photo of Liu Hsueh-hua

    Liu Hsueh-hua Cast

  5. Photo of Chen Kuan Tai

    Chen Kuan Tai Cast

  6. Photo of Kwok Kuen Chan

    Kwok Kuen Chan Cast

  7. Photo of Shen Chan

    Shen Chan Cast

  8. Photo of Chiang Chuen

    Chiang Chuen Cast

  9. Photo of Ching Miao

    Ching Miao Cast

  10. Photo of Pei Chi Huang

    Pei Chi Huang Cast

  11. Photo of Phillip Ko

    Phillip Ko Cast

  12. Photo of Ku Kuan-chung

    Ku Kuan-chung Cast

  13. Photo of Feng Kuan

    Feng Kuan Cast

  14. Photo of Lam Wai

    Lam Wai Cast

  15. Photo of Lee Hoi Sang

    Lee Hoi Sang Cast

  16. Photo of Ma Han-yuan

    Ma Han-yuan Cast

  17. Photo of Lao Shen

    Lao Shen Cast

  18. Photo of Elvis Tsui

    Elvis Tsui Cast

  19. Photo of Ching Ho Wang

    Ching Ho Wang Cast

  20. Photo of Wang Han-Chen

    Wang Han-Chen Cast

  21. Photo of Yang Chih-Ching

    Yang Chih-Ching Cast

  22. Photo of Yue Tau-wan

    Yue Tau-wan Cast

  23. Photo of Yuen Bun

    Yuen Bun Cast

  24. Photo of Yuen Wah

    Yuen Wah Cast

  25. Photo of Lung Ti

    Lung Ti Cast

  26. Photo of Tsao Hui-chi

    Tsao Hui-chi Cinematography

  27. Photo of Chin Yung Shing

    Chin Yung Shing Music

  28. Photo of Su Chen-hou

    Su Chen-hou Music

  29. Photo of Mona Fong

    Mona Fong Producer

  30. Photo of Chung Yiu Ma

    Chung Yiu Ma Editing

  31. Photo of Shao Feng Yu

    Shao Feng Yu Editing