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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Tom Simmons's rating of the film Ottana

    I agree with Charles. The cast are listed as knights but I didn't see that anywhere in the film

  2. Taste of Tea's rating of the film Ottana

    Beautful. Evocative of the last shot in Med Hondo's Sarraounia which has the same camera movement to reveal the contemporary life going on beyond the 'set' of the Sarraouinia palace and goes from 19th Century to 20th in one movement. Bellissimo

  3. julie's rating of the film Ottana

    interesting but long and agree Charles, the concept is lost

  4. Charles Fairbanks's rating of the film Ottana

    a single, slow, lovely shot... sound and image are nice, but there is little content communicated in the film itself. the description of the film - the "concept" if you will - is interesting but not conveyed audiovisually.