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  1. Photo of Basil Dearden

    Basil Dearden Director

  2. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Michael Relph

    Michael Relph Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eric Williams

    Eric Williams Producer

  5. Photo of John Eldridge

    John Eldridge Screenplay

  6. Photo of Paul Beeson

    Paul Beeson Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jack Harris

    Jack Harris Editing

  8. Photo of Richard Addinsell

    Richard Addinsell Music

  9. Photo of Anthony Steel

    Anthony Steel Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Beatty

    Robert Beatty Cast

  11. Photo of David Knight

    David Knight Cast

  12. Photo of Margo Lorenz

    Margo Lorenz Cast

  13. Photo of James Robertson Justice

    James Robertson Justice Cast

  14. Photo of Eunice Gayson

    Eunice Gayson Cast

  15. Photo of Isabel Dean

    Isabel Dean Cast

  16. Photo of Gordon Harker

    Gordon Harker Cast

  17. Photo of Bernard Lee

    Bernard Lee Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Howard

    Michael Howard Cast

  19. Photo of Marie Lohr

    Marie Lohr Cast

  20. Photo of Esma Cannon

    Esma Cannon Cast

  21. Photo of Abraham Sofaer

    Abraham Sofaer Cast

  22. Photo of Melissa Stribling

    Melissa Stribling Cast

  23. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  24. Photo of Barbara Leake

    Barbara Leake Cast

  25. Photo of Megs Jenkins

    Megs Jenkins Cast

  26. Photo of Harold Kasket

    Harold Kasket Cast