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  1. Photo of George Sherman

    George Sherman Director

  2. Photo of William Colt MacDonald

    William Colt MacDonald Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bernard McConville

    Bernard McConville Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edmond Kelso

    Edmond Kelso Screenplay

  5. Photo of Luci Ward

    Luci Ward Screenplay

  6. Photo of William Berke

    William Berke Producer

  7. Photo of William Nobles

    William Nobles Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tony Martinelli

    Tony Martinelli Editing

  9. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  10. Photo of Ray Corrigan

    Ray Corrigan Cast

  11. Photo of Max Terhune

    Max Terhune Cast

  12. Photo of Louise Brooks

    Louise Brooks Cast

  13. Photo of Anthony Marshall

    Anthony Marshall Cast

  14. Photo of John Archer

    John Archer Cast

  15. Photo of Gordon Hart

    Gordon Hart Cast

  16. Photo of Roy James

    Roy James Cast

  17. Photo of Olin Francis

    Olin Francis Cast

  18. Photo of Fern Emmett

    Fern Emmett Cast

  19. Photo of Henry Otho

    Henry Otho Cast

  20. Photo of George Sherwood

    George Sherwood Cast

  21. Photo of Arch Hall Sr.

    Arch Hall Sr. Cast

  22. Photo of Frank LaRue

    Frank LaRue Cast