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  1. Photo of Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Director, Cast Producer

  2. Photo of Fritz Manes

    Fritz Manes Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Valdes

    David Valdes Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Butler

    Michael Butler Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dennis Shryack

    Dennis Shryack Screenplay

  6. Photo of Bruce Surtees

    Bruce Surtees Cinematography

  7. Photo of Michael Moriarty

    Michael Moriarty Cast

  8. Photo of Carrie Snodgress

    Carrie Snodgress Cast

  9. Photo of Chris Penn

    Chris Penn Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Dysart

    Richard Dysart Cast

  11. Photo of Sydney Penny

    Sydney Penny Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Kiel

    Richard Kiel Cast

  13. Photo of Doug McGrath

    Doug McGrath Cast

  14. Photo of John Russell

    John Russell Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Hallahan

    Charles Hallahan Cast

  16. Photo of Marvin J. McIntyre

    Marvin J. McIntyre Cast

  17. Photo of Fran Ryan

    Fran Ryan Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Hamilton

    Richard Hamilton Cast

  19. Photo of Graham Paul

    Graham Paul Cast

  20. Photo of Chuck Lafont

    Chuck Lafont Cast

  21. Photo of Jeffrey Weissman

    Jeffrey Weissman Cast

  22. Photo of Allen Keller

    Allen Keller Cast

  23. Photo of Randy Oglesby

    Randy Oglesby Cast

  24. Photo of Herman Poppe

    Herman Poppe Cast

  25. Photo of Kathleen Wygle

    Kathleen Wygle Cast

  26. Photo of Terrence Evans

    Terrence Evans Cast

  27. Photo of Jim Hitson

    Jim Hitson Cast

  28. Photo of Loren Adkins

    Loren Adkins Cast

  29. Photo of Thomas H. Friedkin

    Thomas H. Friedkin Cast

  30. Photo of S.A. Griffin

    S.A. Griffin Cast

  31. Photo of Jack Radosta

    Jack Radosta Cast

  32. Photo of Robert Winley

    Robert Winley Cast

  33. Photo of Billy Drago

    Billy Drago Cast

  34. Photo of Jeffrey Josephson

    Jeffrey Josephson Cast

  35. Photo of John Dennis Johnston

    John Dennis Johnston Cast

  36. Photo of Joel Cox

    Joel Cox Editing

  37. Photo of Edward C. Carfagno

    Edward C. Carfagno Production Design

  38. Photo of Lennie Niehaus

    Lennie Niehaus Music