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Pierrot le Fou

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
France, Italy, 1965
Crime, Drama, Romance


On impulse, Ferdinand abandons his bourgeois existence with his wife and child to take off with Marianne, an old flame. Being pursued by foreign thugs, they embark on a haphazard crime spree, a crazy adventure involving fast cars, mysterious gangsters and a Mediterranean idyll that turns sour.

Pierrot le Fou Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
The insouciant grace of Karina’s spontaneous outbursts is paralleled by the film’s: culturally, Pierrot le Fou is all over the map, juxtaposing Sam Fuller and García Lorca, Vietnam and Auguste Renoir. Possibly no Godard film has ever been more hostile to Americans and more devoted to their cars. Pierrot is hardly free of Godard’s romantic misogyny, but it radiates the joy of cinema.
October 19, 1989
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Looking at it again almost a quarter of a century after it was made, 20 years after its initial U.S. release, is a bit like visiting another planet; it’s an explosion of color, sound, music, passion, violence, and wit that illustrates what used to be regarded as cinema.
June 09, 1989
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Pierrot le Fou is a film of fireworks and water, of explosions and immersion, the metaphorical expression of passion being cooled by existence, the visual equivalent of feelings being chilled by words. The influence of Renoir, Jean even more than Auguste, is everywhere, even in Belmondo’s hilarious imitation of Michel Simon, but especially in the pervasive wetness of Pierrot le Fou, itself at least partly an ode to liquid pastoral à la Lautréamont in Weekend.
January 23, 1969

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