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  1. Photo of J. Edward Reynolds

    J. Edward Reynolds Executive Producer

  2. Photo of William C. Thompson

    William C. Thompson Cinematography

  3. Photo of Gregory Walcott

    Gregory Walcott Cast

  4. Photo of Mona McKinnon

    Mona McKinnon Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Keene

    Tom Keene Cast

  6. Photo of Criswell

    Criswell Cast

  7. Photo of Tor Johnson

    Tor Johnson Cast

  8. Photo of Vampira

    Vampira Cast

  9. Photo of Bela Lugosi

    Bela Lugosi Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Worth

    Frank Worth Music

  11. Photo of Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Edward D. Wood Jr. Producer, Editing, Director Screenplay

  12. Photo of Dale Knight

    Dale Knight Sound

  13. Photo of Duke Moore

    Duke Moore Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Marco

    Paul Marco Cast

  15. Photo of Dudley Manlove

    Dudley Manlove Cast

  16. Photo of Lyle Talbot

    Lyle Talbot Cast