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Ratings & Reviews

  1. nessmj's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    a very responsible documentary regarding the lives of a disabled couple and those in it. not often have I seen a documentary so lacking of an agenda.

  2. jchandleroc's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    Lyrical and unassuming, this documentary chronicles a brief period in the lives of a couple--the man, a poet, deaf-blind and the woman stricken by an unknown disability--who through the force of love and determination carry on living in the face of unimaginable hardship. What unfolds is, despite their unique and unfortunate circumstances, a triumphant journey of love and pain and joy--full of life.

  3. itstheresomewhere's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    They have all the love in the world. No wonder we can't find it

  4. David Cohen-Tanugi's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    I hear great things about this movie. To be watched soon!

  5. pandakuma's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    they are the best couple in the world :')

  6. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    Lovely, deeply human documentary about a man who has spent most of his life deaf and blind, and the woman he loves who is his constant companion. Communicating through a special brand of sign language that involves tapping on the hands, the two have fryer a unique world where, deprived of all senses, they have found the most tangible feeling of all.

  7. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Planet of Snail

    Being able to shake the director’s hand personally after the screening added to the joy of seeing this. Not only does it avoid the problems and constructions of documentary films, but, probably without him realising it when I asked him about it, he also manages to push a visual based medium into allow us as closely as possible to ‘feel’ the world as the deaf-blind Young-Chan does, adding so much to the subject.